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SVETLANA SAPUNOVA +91-9953-317-105 Date of Birth: 4th September, 1982 Profile: I aim at providing myself with the best possible professional exposure in a growing firm to make myself grow with it and be a part of the firm’s growth. Professional Education Qualification: I passed gracefully the following courses: Course Start Date Completion Date College/ University City/ Country Exam for Teacher of Foreign Languages Jan'00 Jul'03 Kuban College of Culture Krasnodar/ Russia Exam for Linguist, Teacher of English Language Sep'03 Jan'07 Armavirskiy Linguistic University Novorossiysk/ Russia PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: From 10/2003: I have been working as secretary in ARPB bank (answering on calls, typing documents, contracts, working on TELEX software). From 06/2004: I have been working as operator of automation department in ARPB bank (TELEX, OBVED, Bank-Client software). From 05/2005: I have been working as data base operator (D_Store, Capella software, clients’ database maintenance in D_Store and Capella, reports generation). From 02/2007: I have been working as data base administrator (D_Store, Capella software, clients’ database maintenance in D_Store and Capella, reports generation, balance of mutual settlements with clients). Professional Experience: (4-Year) Idioma S.R.O. (Tokyo/ Prague) Since Jan’09 Designation: Translator/ Editor/ Proof-Reader Currently, I am working with Idioma S.R.O. (headquartered at Tokyo, Japan) as a Translator, Editor and Proof-Reader in Russian<>English pair. The documents which I am supposed to translate, edit and proof-read are the user manuals of various world renowned big companies (whose names I am not supposed to reveal as it is a part of my contract agreement with this company). The text is mostly technical in nature and has given me a good exposure in various fields, to name a few: digital cameras, automobiles, projectors, speakers, home appliances, conveyor belts and many more. I have very good experience of understanding and executing online work. I earn my living through working as a full-time freelancer. Idioma S.R.O. has provided me with an opportunity of working on many online text editing, Proof-reading, translation based softwares such as iSync, iQube, Ask etc., on which all I work with equal ease and efficiency. Time is the essence of every task in hand and the volume of work assigned to me by the company proves that I execute every work before or on time. Languages known: Language Proficiency Read Write Speak English Expert Expert Expert German Good Good Beginner Russian Native Native Native English: I have always had a charm for the English language and ever since I wanted to be a linguist. I learnt this language since childhood and continue to learn and nourish my skills till now. German: I was studying German language as the second language during the course "Teacher of foreign languages”. Russian: Being a Russian citizen, Russian language is my native language.’ Hindi: As I am married to an Indian man, I am in a process of learning the Hindi language. Undertaking: I, Svetlana Sapunova, take complete responsibility of information provided in this curriculum vitae. If you require any more information, please feel free to contact me. SVETLANA SAPUNOVA