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Anton Paramonov
Позиция в рейтинге: 29


Core strengths

  • 10 year of professional experience in software development, testing, deployment of .Net Framework client and server applications
  • Deep knowledge in architecture of CLR and .NET
  • Deep knowledge in performance of CLR and .NET (4.0 -> 4.7.2)
  • Highly experienced in creation of complicated GUI using WPF
  • Highly experienced in creation of client application architecture
  • Highly experienced in data accessing using various .NET Framework technologies (ADO.NET, Entity Framework)
  • Rich experience in software development using SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/R2
  • Experienced in multithreading programming
  • Knowledge in high performance programming
  • Experienced in using design patterns
  • Experienced in WinForms application development
  • 2 year of experience in Windows Phone 8.1 development
  • Extensive knowledge and 10 year of experience in Agile Methodologies (Scrum)
  • Highly experienced in team software development using Microsoft Visual Studio and TFS
  • Experienced in game development using Unity3D
  • Experienced in web development using HTML and CSS

Technical skills (Main skills are marked as bold)

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/R2
  • WPF, Win Forms, HTML, CSS
  • .Net Framework, Entity Framework, Prism, Telerik Controls (WPF), LINQ, Enterprise Library, Protobuf, JSON.NET, Automapper, Unity, NLog, DevExpress (WinForms)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio, TFS, MS Builder, Jetbrains Resharper, Jetbrains Dottrace Performance


  • University: Moscow State University of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical University). Faculty: Faculty of Electronics. Specialty: Automated processing systems of information and controls. GPA: 4.96/5.0. Diploma: Diploma with distinction

Work Experience

  • Developed the 2-tier application of Professional Services Automation, which consists of: CRM system, project management system, time management system and billing system (C#, WinForms, T-SQL, SQL Server)
    • Designed and developed the project budget module which provides comparing planning and actual of time or material expenses per different time intervals (C#, Win Forms, T-SQL, SQL Server)
    • Designed and developed the mechanism of document exporting in Excel by templates (C#)
    • Designed new application functions
    • Designed UI (WinForms)
    • Optimized T-SQL stored procedures
  • Developed the 3-tier high-load stock exchange trading system for one of the largest Russian banks. The system has multi-server distributed architecture. The system provides trading on MICEX, FORTS and currency markets. (C#, T-SQL, SQL Server, WPF, Entity Framework, XML)
    • Designed and developed high performance client-side application (C#, WPF, XML).The application provides next functions:
      • Display financial quotes, candles, deals in real-time
      • Create exchange orders
      • Create and manage non-trade operations (money input/output, open trading accounts and others)
      • Chat
      • Display reports
      • Designed and developed the client-side application for bank brokers (C#, WPF, XML)
  • Designed and developed the high-load system for fee calculation and deduction for client’s trade operations. The system allows constructing any fee deduction algorithm. (C#, T-SQL, SQL Server)
  • Designed and developed an online service for client registration on stock exchange (C#, REST, WCF, T-SQL)
  • Workout mobile application development for Windows Phone 8.1